Another Fallen Transman: Matt Kailey

From The Dirt from Dirt:

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another Fallen Transman: Matt Kailey

In effort to continue documenting transition related deaths of trans females, here is yet another former self hating dyke gone gay/popular blogger/transgender activist who’s died of a testosterone related early death.

Jennifer Kathleen Kailey, better known to her transgender readers as Matt, died “suddenly” May last year of “heart failure” at only 59 years of age. Jennifer transitioned, like many post queer theory dykes in the 90’s (1997) at a much older age than lesbians today. Jennifer began her transition at age 42. It is unknown specifically (at least to the public) when she began injecting testosterone. From her own writings, particularly her writing on Menopause, Jennifer-for some years at least was using a low dose of testosterone since she was experiencing Peri-menopausal hot flashes at 50, as her female body fought to regulate itself and was apparently winning still.

Along with her trans-activism, Jennifer ran a question and answer website and about a year before her own death, Jennifer was asked by a reader this:

I have a pretty scary question. I’m a trans man, and pretty early in everything, so I used to like looking accomplished trans men up online to have some celebrities to feel some sort of connection to.
“But then I noticed than trans men seem to die pretty young – at least the ones mentioned in ‘famous trans men’ lists all around. So many died before they were even fifty or sixty. And now I just saw another memorial post on Facebook for a guy who died, also before his 50th birthday.

You can read the full post here.

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