Midnight musings

I continue to read about trans terrorism — their violent attacks on feminism, their determination to invade women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and any other place women gather, their experiments on children which endanger an entire generation of lesbians and gay men. Everywhere I see the truth spoken: that while they scream that we are violent towards trans people, that we wish to do them harm, it is they who have disrupted and undermined women and showered feminists with threats of rape and death. We have done nothing…

And, I wonder, perhaps that is the problem.

I am not suggesting showering trans people with death threats of course. I’m a feminist, not an autogynophilic narcissist, and I don’t seek the gratuitous injury of my enemies to satisfy a need to annihilate the Other.

But I am thinking about how we can take the battle to the enemy, out in the real world, in an unexpected, yet effective way. (TranSpies need not get excited here: I have no concrete plans for you to steal). What do they do that can be disrupted? It does not take many women, btw, for an effective action, if the action is creative and exploits their vulnerabilities.

The narcissists will of course drop deeper into their rage, should we strike back. Where action might be constructive is in driving a wedge between the narcissists and some of their confused pomo followers.

I don’t see action as imminent. Several pieces need to fall into place before an action is possible. But, it is, shall we say, an interesting thought.


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