Pedomorphisis and the Abortive Language of Transgenderism



One of the interesting things about any faith-based subculture is the specific cultic language invented to express the identity and shared experiences of adherents. In the case of transgenderism that language is marked by infantilization and use of linguistic rules not reflected in the wider English speaking culture. (I use English here because it is my native language, but would love to hear if transgenderist language is more functional in other languages). These tendencies adopted by transgenderists manifest in various ways.

One example is the terms assigned by adherents to the process of medical and surgical body modification used to disguise oneself as a member of the opposite sex. This process is labeled euphemistically as “transitioning”: the process of changing oneself into something different. Undoing the process: “de-transitioning” or “re-transitioning”. No other series of human body modifications, (even the most radical of medical or surgical procedures) claims to change the…

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