Midday musings

I have been putting together security for a portal I expect to come under attack, in every possible way, the moment I put it online. It is outrageous that this is necessary simply to make a space for people to utter two banned thoughts:

  • That mammalian biology establishes two, and only two, sexes (aside from an insignificant number of genetic defects, and even persons with those defects can be almost always sorted into male and female)
  • That gender roles are artificial constructs, and these roles are oppressive to women (as well as causing harm to men who do not or cannot conform to the expectations placed upon them).

These two statements are the very foundation of feminist thinking. You will find these views shining brightly in the writings of 19th century first wave feminists. You will find them in The Feminine Mystique. And you find them in the words of radical feminists. Trans activists would have you believe that their enemy is radical feminism in particular, but in fact it is all feminism. You cannot have feminism without these two principles any more than you can have socialism while excluding all concepts of society and community. You can posture as feminist, without ever troubling yourself to find out what the word means, but you can’t actually have feminism when you reject these principles.

Even 19th century feminists did not face the ferocity of the attacks that we face today on the foundations of feminism. These are attacks led by groups of well placed, well funded, highly privileged faux women, who use their artificial womanhood as a battering ram to remove from women everything that we have, even our right to name ourselves. The conduct, and the arguments, of these faux women, look exactly like that of the openly misogynistic so-called men’s rights movement – something even the men’s rights movement acknowledges.

Yet the knee jerk left, which expects us to rally to its side whenever it needs us for anything, has chosen to back the misogynistic movement led by plastic surgery altered right wing men, because these men invoke the rhetoric of identity politics mixed with the emotional blackmail of suicide. Well, that, and because the left’s own history of misogyny is showing. It was equally arrogant left wing misogyny that sparked the women’s liberation movement in the 1960s

Over and over again I read of women, even young women awash in postmodern anti-reality faux radicalism, admitting in private that they know something is wrong about all of this, but that they are afraid to speak up, that they have no community but this faux radical queer community.

The purpose of what I am doing is to help to re-create a community where it is again possible to, you know, remember your high school biology class without getting death threats, and speak highly offensive transphobic words like “womb” and “vagina” and whatever other word referencing women that has been banned by trans activists the week. And, oh, have actual conversations in which two parties can have discussions, and even honest disagreements — two uber- transkilling transphobic things so evil that they can only be spoken these days anonymously on specially hardened, compartmentalized, access controlled servers.

These times will blow over. The backlash against the backlash has already begun. Movements always look strongest when they are rotting away from within. The trans/queer edifice is rotten. Within the next five to ten years (sooner rather than later, I think, but no more than ten), the mainstream will have conveniently forgotten that, not so many years before, it had trumpeted the cause of kinky men against the well being of women, children, and young people. Its young victims will be detransitioning, suicidal, sick, or dead. The left will continue to insist that it is and has always been feminist, and that every one of them was on our side, twice over, throughout this battle. The big GLBT advocacy groups will quietly drop the T, just as quietly as it was added a few years ago, and the Advocate will, disingenuously, publish articles decrying the genocide against a generation of gay men, as if they hadn’t had anything to do with it.

But a new generation of feminists will have learned from this how to make change happen, and how to be brave. And they will remember.


6 thoughts on “Midday musings

  1. storyending says:

    Seriously, good luck. I wish you didn’t have to worry about security. These are crazy times.

    I wish I were as convinced that the trans bs would blow over. I have a bad feeling about it. Kinda like porn, which exploded and developed a life of its own thanks to men and their insistence on their rights and free speech. With porn (in earlier days), women felt it was wrong, were afraid to speak up, and now, knowing there is nothing they can do about it, have ended up just going along with it and even defending it in the name of fun and empowerment, even though their/our identities have been further erased. I wish I could be optimistic.


    1. TERF pride says:

      I’d like to say that I’m confident because it will be us radfems wearing wonder women costumes who will lasso all the faux women and give them their just desserts. Alas that isn’t where my confidence is coming from. My confidence comes from the fact that the demands of the faux women run afoul of both reality and male privilege.

      The reality part is that it is not good for you to mutilate your body and swallow hormones. It shortens lifespans, in the case of girls, probably dramatically. The first few malpractice victories will take away a lot of medical enthusiasm for the procedure. In the case of women it will probably not be possible to hide the dramatically shortened lifespan after awhile, and since safety is one of the biggest reasons women give for FtT, this too will take the steam out of the trend. I wish I didn’t see this coming, but I do.

      What’s more it is difficult to convince scientists that sex isn’t a real biological trait. Eventually one or more pesky scientists who don’t understand that the scientific method is transphobic will report that transition kills, dysphoria has no basis in biology, and srs does not reduce dysphoria, to 6 sigma.

      As to male privilege: gay men are starting to feel uncomfortable with the trans thing, especially when FtTs try to convince them that they are real men. Lesbians have been complaining about the MtT guys trying to get in our pants for years, but we don’t entirely count, I’ve heard.

      But the number one issue is bathrooms. No, not because we are at risk. We don’t count. It’s because a lot of women and girls who use bathrooms and locker rooms are seen by straight men as their property, and they don’t want any guy in a dress sneaking a piece of what they own.

      Porn is a lot tougher. It’s been around for millennia, and alot of people make a lot of money from it. You could kick transgenderism out from under the stool of patriarchy, and nothing happens. Trans is not important to patriarchy. Kick porn out from under that stool, and the stool wobbles, and may even tip, because porn is patriarchy’s operating manual.

      It is possible to build an almost reasonable sounding argument for porn. Freedom of speech, empowering choices, ya ya, I’m sure you’ve heard it. It sounds almost reasonable if you don’t think about how the human mind works, how men are taught to operate, what actually happens to women in porn, etc.

      The argument for trans is more than a little bit fishy. I think most people who accept it ultimately don’t really believe it. They just buy into the libertarian/sexual ethos, and think that no matter how strange, its okay if they keep it to themselves. Which of course the trans activists are not doing, though this is not yet widely known.

      Finally, alot of this has been media driven, and the media will get bored. Some time after the media gets bored and stops covering it, the media will suddenly discover the shocking truth about children being given unproven medical treatments for a questionable diagnosis, and that angle will win them plaudits for being courageous, investigative — and lucrative, selling all those extra copies.

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      1. storyending says:

        Good points about porn. Yeah, I hope the crazier the faux-laydies get (and they will), the greater the resistance to their demands will become, with take-down being the inevitable conclusion. I really would like to see women-only spaces back in business, at the very least. These folks have completely derailed the already over-worked rational people.


      2. DavinaSquirrel says:

        “But the number one issue is bathrooms. No, not because we are at risk. We don’t count. It’s because a lot of women and girls who use bathrooms and locker rooms are seen by straight men as their property, and they don’t want any guy in a dress sneaking a piece of what they own.”

        My view is that the shutdown of the trans dress-up party will come from the Right Wing dudes, from the angle of (female) property ownership as you describe. At the beginning of the trans fad, the RW dudes were “whatever” with it, because they figured it ‘transed away teh gay’. What they did not realise is that transgenderism is largely made up of heterosexual dudes with various fetishes, and these dudes, with their ‘all access’ passes into women’s spaces, are now preying on other dudes’ “property”. RW dudes had the assumption that ‘trans’ were all transsexuals (gay dudes, who would not be preying on females).

        Given that lefty dudes have a favourite tactic of gaslighting, I guess when the trans house of cards comes crashing down, they will pretend like they never supported it (such a big bollocksing lie).

        But the damage has primarily been done to a generation of young women, sucked into supporting transgenderism. And yes, the dangers to females shortening their lifespans swallowing testosterone.

        I believe that after the RW dudes start shutting the T down, the lawsuits will start coming in, as the final nail in the coffin.


  2. thebewilderness says:

    There is something deeply absurd about the demand that half the population of the planet call themselves something else because some men have decided they want to use the word woman for themselves.
    Just as the split personality dissociative disorder fad pass in the seventies, leaving much damage in its wake, so will this dissociative disorder fad pass. In the meanwhile the laws will be changed to drive women and girls out of the public sphere and transitioning will be promoted as a cure for the gay and lesbian. Not a very good outcome for the feminist and LGB groups that prioritized trans, but about what you would expect when dealing with narcissists.

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