silencing us. conquering us.

This powerful post is from Warped Nectar:

Several months ago, I was in full-on libfem submersion.

At first, it helped me, a lot. I was able to put words to things I had experienced–small, all but unnoticeable instances of sexism. I learned to confront my internalized victim-blaming and begin to face the traumas of multiple incidences of rape and abuse. I thought the body-positivity movement was great, initially. I found a lot of information on eating disorders and encouragement from other feminists that having one didn’t make you “not a feminist” (as my skeevy MRA ex-boyfriend had once told me). I appreciated how many things they shared by WoC. I thought it was a great platform for truly intersectional feminism and discussions on anti-racism.

Some things, of course, rubbed me the wrong way. Stances on “sex work” as super empowering agency choicey empowerment, the claim I heard a few times that “sex-workers” who “actually enjoyed” their careers were marginalized in favor of “the horror stories”. The “intersectional” inclusion of men in feminist discourse–the Oppression Olympics. “I’m a gay man, so you oppress me with your straight womanhood.” Following this closely, the trans issue. You’re trans? Fab. You want in my safe womyn’s space? No. You want me to prioritize your oppression, as a man, above mine, as a woman? No. You want me to call you a woman? Wait a fucking minute, penis are not female, and I am not fucking cis. And hell no, lesbians are not obligated to suck your dick or remove their “cotton ceilings” so you can stick your VERY MALE PENIS in there. The list goes on, all things related to the catering to men’s “needs”.

I think liberal feminists really want to be there for women, rather than men. I just don’t think they know how.

Read the rest of the post here.


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