Just a word on what I’m up to

What I’m up to (and why I’ve not been here) is recovering from a hard drive crash. The affected drive was the system drive, not my home drive, which is good. But my home drive was encrypted. I’ve had one bear of a time decrypting it from a rescue disk (short answer: most of the published documentation on how to do it is wrong).

So I’m in now, and everything I really care about, including my many years worth of graphics, is there, intact. I’ve never backed the graphics up because of the sheer size of all the files, but after this I’m going to have to find some way to do it.

I’m waiting for the new drive to arrive right now, and doing what I can do with my zombie computer (dead box appearing to be alive thanks to a bootable pen drive). When I have as fully working computer, you can expect the return of the Exclusionary Radical Feminist image of the day (as well as news of other things I’m up to).


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