TERF’s up? Because no woman should ever run from the label “radical feminist”.

Radical feminists are of course not actually “trans exclusionary”. We want trans people to have basic human rights and a place in society.

We do not however buy into the idea of innate gender. The idea that “real” girls are born ladylike (aka submissive) and “real” men are born aggressive and dominant, and that anyone who doesn’t fit that description is trans and ought to have their body medically altered to fit the stereotype is flagrantly anti-feminist. We absolutely do exclude that kind of trans extremist ideology for the same reason that any other group excludes its opposite.

We also believe that, while it is possible to alter one’s appearance and wear the symbols of the opposite gender, doing so does not turn you into someone of the opposite sex. What’s more we think that sometimes women (and other oppressed groups) need their own spaces to organize, to heal, to feel safe, to develop our own strengths. Trans women are born and socialized men — in other words, they are from the group that oppresses women. It is obscene to demand that an oppressed group admit, in all circumstances and at all times, members of the group that has been socialized to silence and oppress them, simply because they have had plastic surgery and are dressed differently.

Men who have become trans behave indistinguishably from men who are not trans. If you doubt this, do a search on “TERF”. See  what pops up.

Note how the trans extremists identify as their enemy, not the violently sexist men who really do attack trans people, but the small number of generally nonviolent, and largely powerless, women who identify themselves as radical feminists. Count the rape threats from these men towards towards radical feminists, and the countless time men who have become trans have demanded that women shut up and put men who have become trans front and center. When was the last time you saw women threatening to rape and kill other women? Even if you insist biological females are violent too (yes we are, but much more rarely so), it is impossible to argue that the embrace of gender roles and contempt for biological females amounts to feminism. In fact, the rhetoric of the trans movement towards feminists is indistinguishable from the so-called Mens Rights Movement, a violently misogynistic movement identified as a hate group.

And now for those men and their misguided allies looking to hunt me down as yet another contemptible TERF:

I know what a woman is, and it ain’t you, dudes.

I know what consensual sex is, and it ain’t anything you sell, pimps.

I know what progress is, and it ain’t more of the same old patriarchy and disappearing of women.

Telling, that you see a very small number of feminists as so very great a threat.

Go ahead. Try to intimidate me. Nothing you can do to scare me that I hadn’t seen when my generation created the second wave. Kill-yap-yap-yap-rape-yap-yap-yap-silence-yap-yap-yap-stalk-yap-yap-yap-cunt-dyke: it’s all the same old same old mysogyny. If your granddad couldn’t scare me by setting my dorm room on fire, threatening me now — an older cancer and stroke survivor– won’t even make me blink.

But don’t think I’m a pushover, boys. You want to come after me, I will make you work for your 30 seconds of hate. Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

Just know the scorecard: Me – 2 Attempted rapists – 0. Three more of you, and I’m an ace.

Friendly visitors can contact me at  terfpride@zoho.com. Unfriendly visitors can talk to my Bayesian spam filter.


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