A “TERF” is, supposedly, a “trans exclusionary radical feminist”, and is intended as a slur  against anyone who disagrees with an ideology manufactured by a small number of violently angry and irrational transgendered men. 1

That would, in and of itself, not be worth much attention. There are plenty of angry and irrational people in this world. If they get angry enough it might normally be of interest to the police, but the rest of us can usually categorize people of this description as “crackpots” and go on with our lives.

That is, unless the crackpots in question are:

Stripping women of legal protection with cleverly written legal bills

which, even as they deprive women of all protection under the law, create for themselves the legal right to expose their male genitalia to women and children

compelling children as young as six to undergo sex reassignment treatment simply because they played with the wrong toy or expressed an interest, just once, in being the opposite sex.

Banning midwives from naming women as the people who give birth

I could go on (and will, in the pages of this website).

This is all flying under the radar, disguised as harmless and progressive equal rights protection for transgendered people. Until about a week ago, I knew nothing about it. Several books, papers, and blogs later, I know I need to do what I can to let others know what is happening.

As for me, I am an old second wave radical feminist. And while I have no desire to exclude transgendered people from the public sphere I absolutely want to exclude transgendered men from women’s bathrooms, women’s locker rooms, exclude their extra foot of stature and powerful musculature from women’s sports, exclude them from organizations and events organized to empower women, and otherwise exclude men — for that is what they are, how they were socialized, and how they continue to behave — from disappearing women’s spaces and women’s very identity.

It is in that spirit of “exclusion” (and none other) that I proudly take upon myself the label of “TERF”.

TERF’s up! Jump in and catch the next wave of radical feminism with me.


1 On this blog I refer to people by their biological sex.  I do not think a few hormones and a little plastic surgery can remove a biological identity written into every cell of our bodies and reinforced by decades of socialization. And because forced participation in sexual fantasies is rape, I am not required to participate in the erotic fantasies of men who would like to think they are women. Persons who were born as men and who now consider themselves to be transgendered are called “transgendered men” here (or optionally, MtT), and persons born as women who consider themselves transgendered are called “transgendered women”.